Album: The Rise of Brutality (2005)

Song: Live for this

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They've written some of the most punishing riffs in history, shared stages with everyone from Ozzy to Murphy's Law and sold over 200,000 records, with virtually no promotion, prior to landing a major label deal. They've demolished recording studios, laid waste to hotel rooms and laid down the details of some truly hard times.

But make no mistake about it. Hatebreed isn't a band. It's a movement.

When they hit the road with iconic bands like Slayer or Murphy's Law, when they're featured in the pages of a slick magazine, or when a kid sees frontman Jamey Jasta hosting MTV2's newly resurrected "Headbanger's Ball," it's an epic moment for an entire community. And that's because Hatebreed isn't just representing themselves - they're championing an international family of fr